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Cette rubrique est proposée aujourd'hui pour vous faciliter dans votre choix de bouquet.

La fleur de saison
Lily of the Valley

In the language of the flowers, lily of the valley means “return of happiness”. Fleur of spring, one took habit to offer lily of the valley to May 1st to bring chance and happiness. It is known as that the chance will belong to that which will find a bit with 13 small bells.
formerly on May 1st was organized the ball of the lily of the valley or each young girl was in white and carried a sprig of lily of the valley on her blouse.

To note all the same that software firm the lily of the valley is associated with happiness, there does not remain about it less one toxic plant. All the part of the plant is toxic, just as the water in which it soaked. one of the harmful effects of the lily of the valley is the deceleration of the cardiac rhythm, thus do not let your children gulp down some under pretext that it is a pretty flower….

Season's flower

La plante de saison

This shrub belongs to the family of Hydrangeacées of the Hydrangea type.
The set of varieties listed offers a broad choice of colors of flowers going from the pink to blue, via the white and the crimson, even two-tone. The nature of the ground affects real the variations of colors of the hydrangea.
Although robust and rustic, the hydrangea appreciates the shaded semi places. For this reason it is particularly at ease on the Atlantic coasts.
Its ground of predilection is a ground acid and charged with humus. The acidity of the ground influences the color of its flowers.
June to September according to the areas, the hydrangea will illuminate your garden of its more beautiful flowers.
To be able to benefit fully from this abundant and coloured nature, it is recommended to plant your hydrangeas of November to April.
In the garden, the hydrangea is of expansive nature. Thus envisage to space at least 1 meter each foot. You can also leave it out of pot on a balcony or a terrace.
One counts nearly a hundred species.

Season's Plant

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