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Entretien des bouquets

Basics Natural

Natural flowers are perishable and therefore they have an average lifespan of 5 days. To take even longer for your bouquets follow the advice of our florists:

Cut the stems of your bouquet upon receipt and every two days. Use a knife rather than scissors, because the latter tends to crush the stems.

Firstly, we must change the water every day. Then, avoid drafts and direct sunlight. Cut the stems at an angle several times a week. He said he also must shed a drop of bleach in the bowl and flush the same mud with bleach when you change its flowers.

Every two days, remove the leaves in contact with water so that it does not disturb. Also remove faded flowers.

Obviously the advice varies depending on who you meet. Some put an ice cube in their mud to keep their roses longer.
Entretien des plantes

Contain a perennial

Perennial plants can quickly become invasive. To contain them, here's a tip.
Just plant your plant in a plastic container with no bottom and put in your soil. Leave beyond the edge about 3 cm above the ground. For example you can grow mint in this way, it is well known to invade our gardens soon.

Caring for your houseplants

First, plants are often sold in plastic jars filled with substrate in the medium term does no good.
You first need to repot your plant in a clay pot which allows for better breathing of the plant. Jar to be dry when you water, it helps manage irrigation. You must also change the earth.
Place your plant near a window so it receives the maximum sunlight.
Try to leave your plants in a room at 18 °, the latter has greater need of heat of moisture, it must find a good compromise.

The cuttings

You want to multiply your plants... propagation technique is very simple to implement.
Just take a shoot without flowers, about 10 centimeters. Be sure to cut the bevel drives. Keep 2 or 3 leaves at the end. Then place your cuttings in a pot filled with seed compost. Please place a transparent lid to retain moisture while allowing light to pass.
Some plants such as ficus may cuttings in water.
The time for cutting the lead varies with the plant.

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